During a FREE 30-minute session, we will discover what is working, what isn’t working, where you want to be and what is preventing you from getting there.

My ninja-style questioning will cut through all the fluff and get to the core of what is really going on! When you tell me, what's going on in your life, I’m listening for what you're not telling me.

For you to get the best out of each session, all I ask is that you are always honest and authentic.

If you are 100% committed to making lasting, positive changes, and are looking to take the next step, then this session will identify if you are ready to accept the truth. Is my style matched for what you need, and vice versa?

Either way, you'll walk away with strategies you can use, new possibilities for what you can achieve and some tips and tricks to help improve your current situation. And the best thing: IT'S FREE, so why not?

Take a chance on yourself - it costs nothing but time.




Everyone needs a coach.

Bill Gates


Whether your focus is on relationships, career, family or health, this program is designed to get to the root cause of the problems you’re facing, clear out the core negative emotions and any key limiting beliefs, and provide you with clarity around who you are, your true self.

Stage 1: Initial Discovery

  • Starts with a discovery session to find out where you are in life, where you want to be, and the obstacles getting in the way 
  • Some fun stuff to kick-off with including; strength, personality and self-awareness activities that we use as leverage for every area of life. This is particularly useful for career coaching purposes
  • You will be introduced to some life changing key principles and secret sauce tactics to reach success and happiness

Stage 2: Juicy Part...

  • We will discover all your blind spots
  • We will uncover the root cause of your problems/challenges
  • We will remove any limiting beliefs, fear, anxieties and negative emotions from the past, using the worlds most effective tool – Time Line Therapy® – which is scientifically proven to remove all these blockages from your nervous system (also endorsed by Prince Charles)
  • You will get clarity and complete confidence around all areas of your life, and your life’s purpose in particular

Stage 3: The Icing on the Cake

  • You will gain tools and techniques to maintain change and continue your personal growth
  • Tasking and Accountability (a balance of soft loving approach vs military style tactics)
  • Unlimited email support and access to a Facebook group
  • Follow up sessions after 90 days

WARNING: This proven and powerful method will radically change your life! Are you ready?

Habits, thoughts and patterns are not isolated events.

We must get to the root cause and pull out the weed.


We cover everything in the Breakthrough Program but we dive much deeper, we connect on a completely different level.

We also elicit and align values, goals and future setting, anchoring and Parts Integration for any internal conflict, if required.

We will work together for approx 6 weeks, exploring every aspect of your life, and map out and manifest the life of your dreams.

Your personalised user manual to life awaits!

One word, five syllables - TRANS-FOR-MA-TION-AL

We can't solve problems by using the same king of thinking we used when we created them.



Ongoing Coaching

You will have your own personal cheerleader!

  • 30-minute phone or Skype calls every 2 weeks, to reassess your goals and offer strategy for ongoing growth
  • Email correspondence in between calls, checking completed tasks and driving accountability



"Sascha started working with me and the transformation has been incredible. If you are looking to transform your life and need help to turn your dreams into reality I highly recommend Sascha to help you experience the amazing life that awaits you."

Online Course

Operation Find Your Mojo



Side effects from my coaching


  • You will be annoyingly happy
  • You will find your soul purpose
  • Find your life mission and get clarity and confidence
  • You will be unapologetically you
  • You won’t take any BS from anyone
  • You will find that missing piece you have been looking for
  • That negative Nancy in your life will no longer affect you
  • You won’t sweat the small stuff
  • You will start calling the shots
  • You will feel equal to your partner
  • People will want to be you
  • You will be super grounded
  • You will find your purpose
  • You will love what you see in the mirror
  • You will quit that job you hate and start a new career or business
  • You may dance every morning from happiness
  • You will make quick and decisive decisions
  • You might stop drinking and smoking
  • You will be more likeable
  • You will write that book you've been dreaming about
  • You will appreciate life
  • You might buy a Ferrari?! WT!!
  • Walking down the street, smiling ear to ear, because you’re genuinely happy
  • You will wake up every morning to a full shopping cart of orders from your eCommerce business
  • You won't have to hide all the extra shopping bags full of clothes you bought from your partner because you paid with your own money
  • You will feel like a true boss lady or man
  • You will love life
  • You will be excited by life

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