Are you feeling lost, confused, restrained, and like you’re not maximising your potential or reaching your goals? Then, my friend, I have to be honest:

Something is holding you back from playing full out in life, the way it intended, but what is it? We all know life is too short. We all dream of something bigger and better, so why don’t we ever follow through?!

You want the simple answer:

"mindset and emotions"

The truth is, any obstacles we face in life usually stem from events in the past

and therefore, our perception and perspective of the past is what is blocking us from happiness and success.

"Roadblocks to success are internal and difficult to identify. They are deeply rooted in ones’ subconscious mind, and they have a strong emotional anchor holding them in place"

And.... most of the time we don't remember them consciously, but for whatever reason, they made an impact on our unconscious mind and stuck with us. Those memories we do remember - you know, the ones that are painful, embarrassing, hurtful etc - we either put a bandage over them and suppress them, or we constantly revisit them over and over again; over analysing, talking about it to other people, stewing on it. This becomes toxic and clouds our ability to live life to the fullest, as our true selves.

The problem is: when we suppress an emotion we alter hormones, deplete brain chemicals, and have a damaging impact on the immune system. Read about new scientific discoveries.

And when we constantly keep revisiting these memories, we actually end up strengthening those memories! Which is exactly what we don't want to happen!

It is critical to mention that the subconscious mind doesn’t have a sense of time, so it thinks this painful past is still actually happening, and technically we are still reliving it and making it worse.

Any memory that triggers anger, hurt, sadness, fear or guilt has room for healing and release.

But here's the thing:

in order to access your full potential, find your purpose, find true love, reach your goals and overcome any obstacles you are facing, you must release these hindering negative emotions and limiting beliefs.



They are there - we all have them.

Clouding your judgement, your perception, your thoughts, feelings and clarity. 

They are re-wiring your brain into a false identity that isn't who you truly are.


They are not serving you, and they are the only things standing in the way between you and greatness…

Scientific research will demonstrate that negative emotions deplete our body’s resources.

They absorb energy that could be put to better use, and they also cause us to react (and overreact) to situations that don't serve us.

The proof is now in the pudding, via an emerging scientific field called psychoneuroimmunology, which involves demonstrating the connection between the mind and the body, and is beginning to help us understand the link between how we think and how we feel.

These latest findings confirm a repetitive nature of negative thoughts, and combined with the presence of negative emotions, literally changes one’s brain chemistry.

Symptoms of your body in a constant state of stress

  • Fatigue and or lethargy
  • Feeling lost and confused
  • Depression without an apparent cause
  • Pretending something doesn’t matter when deep inside it does
  • Rarely talking about your feelings
  • Addictions, panic attacks, phobias,
  • Insomnia, stomach issues, high blood pressure
  • Lack of self and confidence
  • Becoming irritated or upset over minor incidents
  • Walking around with a knot in your stomach or tightness in your throat
  • Difficulty talking about yourself
  • Troubled personal relationships with family, friends, acquaintances
  • A lack of ambition or motivation
  • Difficulty accepting yourself and others
  • Feeling emotionally numb



Do you want the good news?

Negative emotions can disappear once the internal environment is cleaned up.

Can I get a Hooooray! *Insert happy dance.*

But how you ask?

Through a process called Timeline Therapy®.

Timeline Therapy® is a revolutionary and proven approach which has become popular because of its ability to create quick, long-lasting results.


Even Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, The English Royal Family and British Government have endorsed Time Line Therapy®



Timeline Therapy® works by engaging the 90% of your mind that is usually off limits – the subconscious.  The process accesses the subconscious mind to identify the root cause, as it is your subconscious mind that formed those beliefs and stores those emotions.

Discovering the root cause of your issue is the key to resolving it. Positive suggestions and messages are relayed to your subconscious mind while it is in a receptive state.


Timeline Therapy® will teach you a collection of simple and effective techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life AND enable you to eliminate many types of issues in your past, thus allowing you to move forward toward your goals and desires.

In other words, it is a process to re-wire your own thinking patterns and establish a new and positive outcome! We know clients are pressed for time and want to experience immediate results. Using the method of Timeline Therapy ®, our clients have seen rapid and long-lasting transformations.




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